Minnesota Guardianships and Conservatorships

In most cases, a guardianship or conservatorship proceeding is a highly emotional event in all the participants’ lives. When a loved one behaves in ways that subject them to harm, neglect, or medical danger, family members often feel overwhelmed, scared, and confused. Witnessing the financial exploitation of a loved one, or their inability to manage their personal and financial affairs can also leave family members frustrated and angry. The person who is incapacitated may be sabotaging all good and sound medical advice offered by family members or could be giving away money to others randomly.

Many children and young adults today are dealing with special needs either due to mental or physical issues, and oftentimes both. They need the services of a trusted advisor that has a proven track record of knowledge, experience, and compassion when helping families that have children or young adults with special needs. These family members know something needs to be done immediately and quickly but are unsure who or where to turn to.

That’s where we can help.

Our mission is to provide representation to our clients with the necessary care, compassion and understanding that these families need. We know that the process of establishing a guardianship or conservatorship is challenging for family members and all who are involved.

Having been the parent of an adult child with special needs, attorney Lori Guzmán understands firsthand the concerns of parents and loved ones of a person who needs protection. Lori provides an empathetic and caring experience to her clients as she knows the challenges facing the person subject to a guardianship or conservatorship and the family. She explains the advantages and possible disadvantages of establishing a guardianship or conservatorship with your family’s specific circumstances.

Lori will help alleviate the concerns and fears you may have and educate you on the guardianship or conservatorship process so you have a clear understanding of what to expect. With over 25 years of professional experience in Minnesota guardianship and conservatorship law, she represents clients efficiently, with skill, kindness, and compassion.

If you need to establish a guardianship or conservatorship for a loved one, be reassured that you and your family will receive the desired outcome by working with the attorneys at Guzmán LaLonde, P.A. By helping you establish a guardianship and/or a conservatorship, a neutral forum is created if there are disputes between family members regarding caregiving or management of finances. If there are issues that arise with how the guardian or conservator is performing his or her duties, family members can have court intervention to resolve their concerns.

Persons needing a guardianship may have dementia, a mental illness, special needs, or other condition(s). They could be minors who are orphaned. These individuals are legally incapable of caring for themselves and unable to make safe personal decisions, so a guardian must be appointed for their well-being. A guardian approved by a Minnesota court can then make decisions about medical care, personal needs, shelter, and safety for their loved one.

A conservatorship is necessary when a person cannot manage their financial affairs. Conservators must also be appointed by the court to carry out duties on behalf of the person subject to conservatorship. These duties include managing property, paying bills, and making financial decisions for the person who is incapacitated.

Individuals appointed as guardians or conservators may be:

  • The parent or spouse of a person
  • A person named in a power of attorney or health care directive
  • An adult child of a person
  • A professional guardian or conservator

In many cases, the court will approve both a guardianship and conservatorship for a person. The court can also decide to give a guardian or conservator the ability to make decisions only in certain circumstances. If it makes sense to have two individuals as the guardian or conservator, the court can appoint co-guardians and co-conservators.

Guzmán LaLonde, P.A. helps clients in the areas of guardianship and conservatorship with legal services including:

  • The establishment of guardianships and conservatorships
  • Representation of guardians and conservators in court proceedings
  • Representation of persons subject to guardianship or conservatorship in court proceedings
  • Restoration to capacity and termination of guardianships and conservatorships
  • Successor guardianship and conservatorship proceedings
  • Preparation of required annual court reporting documents

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We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the other services we provide, such as estate planning, probate, trust and estate administration, and family law. Often, families that need to establish a guardianship or conservatorship for a loved one will find that they need assistance in these other areas of the law. Details of these services will help educate you to determine if you might need additional help. Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding your guardianship or conservatorship needs. We look forward to working with you!